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23 Jan

With the interest of President Lincoln in 2013, Brooklynites can be reminded of the leadership and resounding voices of the abolitionist movement that made his ascendancy possible. There’s a statue of Henry Ward Beecher for example, standing each day across from Brooklyn’s Borough Hall for a great, fascinating reason. Beecher was the firebrand and legendary public speaker helped lead the movement from Brooklyn Heights, and actually summoned an unannounced candidate Abraham Lincoln to New York ahead of the well-known speech at Cooper Union. In fact, a sculpture of Lincoln is prominent at Plymouth Church, on the list of National Historic Places. AbeLincoln

Republicans today, across our areas have a legacy that few realize.. which is one of the extraordinary reasons to get involved with our resurgent Party in 2013.

We’re developing this blog of the Brownstone Republican Club – to demonstrate our independent perspective, renewed spirit for a stronger 2-party system and Republican contributions to life in New York City, to reinforce what it has always meant to be a Republican here.

Visit our blog often, for updates throughout 2013 – and to be part of local issues. Have your voice heard at meetings. Express yourself online.

It’s the easiest thing, to ignore a problem and accept a new batch of excuses, and misdirection. But, don’t ever shake your head and say that there’s nothing you could have done, or do

We’re aiming to let more of our residents know about our Republican Party — and what’s being planned, right here in the ‘heart’ of Brownstone Brooklyn.

Isn’t it about time to raise your voice? To demand better. To rattle the foundation of a political monopoly in Brooklyn?

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