“We got a call, and we got the guy.” — Watertown, Massachusetts Chief of Police

19 Apr



The Watertown, Massachusetts police chief summed-up how a vigilant homeowner called believing someone was in her backyard — and how it led to the arrest of Public Enemy #1 across Boston’s recent history.

In a horrific week for Boston and America standing with it — terrorists that later were identified as brothers, set two bombs near the finish line of the Boston Marathon. What typically is a joyous holiday (Patriots Day) on Monday, was turned into scenes of carnage taking 3 lives, injuring over 140 with many losing limbs horribly to the exploding shrapnel.

Today, four days later…a day-long manhunt ended after the 9 pm hour in Watertown, Massachusetts — when Suspect #2 was captured alive and taken into custody at a local hospital (albeit in critical condition). Just before midnight last evening, his older brother referred to as Suspect #1 was killed and may have actually detonated a bomb on himself. The events were bitter that touched off the manhunt, beginning with the killing of an MIT security guard, gunfire and explosions across the towns north of Boston. The tension built each hour, as the Boston-area was put under total lockdown. Four towns were subject to door to door searches, and there were leads that turned up far less than what was hoped as hours grew into noon, then into evening, and into the night.

But the got their man.

The Boston police, Watertown and many other towns, Massachusetts State police, FBI, U.S. District Attorney and many levels of Federal offices — worked together with the pure resolution to get this guy. And congratulations to all, that they did.

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