Cuomo is Public Enemy #1 – as SUNY Security clears LICH defying Court orders

18 Jul

Excerpted for the Carroll Gardens Patch (AOL News):

“This community has been lied to,” he said. “At the same time SUNY and the Governor promised everything possible was being done to save LICH, they were preparing to sell it off to the highest bidder. SUNY is violating a court order to keep this hospital open, and we won’t let it stand. The same luxury condos being put up over St. Vincent’s will soon rise over LICH if we don’t stop this in its tracks.”

Earlier this week, there were reports of interested suitors vying to take over LICH, as part of a new sustainability plan. But now it appears that SUNY is defiantly shutting down operations and removing staff. The timing of the decision is particularly flagrant, what with a heat advisory currently being warned against by city officials.

“SUNY is attempting to move all patients out of LICH by tomorrow—including a small baby in the neo-natal intensive care unit,” said Jill Furillo, RN and member of the NYSNA. “Brooklyn patient care is melting down under the combined assault of SUNY’s reckless actions and a dangerous heat wave.

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Link for Facebook page of Brownstone Republican Club (here).


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