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Obama pressed on ObamaCare and Benghazi? — 38 total views.

30 Aug

It is beyond bizarre now.. how the White House has managed to keep “hard news” out of the Public’s Eye.  Below you can click on the Photo — to hear just about a minute of interaction that doesn’t seem to cross our broadcast news, any more.

We’re closing in on a YEAR after the “campaign promises” that the 100s of attackers on 9-11-12 at Benghazi would be “brought to justice”. Afghanistan casualties march toward a 75% of total under President Obama. Countless billions spent there and in Libya in 2011 for regime change, to protect European oil contracts from Kaddaffy? There was talk of military advisors being sent to central Africa — but even Darfur hasn’t seen air-time under Pres. Obama’s 2 terms. (Even after that $100 million African, working/family vacation in summer.)

No news at all across 6 pm nor 10 pm nor 11p m nightly news, nor any TV news magazines.

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Winds of War in Syria – to mask Benghazi 1 Year Anniv?

28 Aug

While the majority of Americans want no USA military involvement — our national media is aflutter with “news” of pending Syria strikes by the Obama White House?  not WHY or HOW or IF, but WHEN? clearly they are getting their news from somewhere…

Because with 2 weeks until the Benghazi Anniversary on 9-11-13 — there’s NO COVERAGE of anything done of late, nor across the 12 months previous to keep the President honest after his campaign promise of pledging that any of the 100s of attackers would be “brought to justice”. Is Syria the Wag The Dog winner of 2013?

In Afghanistan, nearly 75% of the total USA troops have now been killed under President Obama, and his 5 years… and his 300% Escalation in July, 2009. Doesn’t matter than Osama Bin Laden was killed years ago, and in another country (Pakistan) — our media simply doesn’t report any military tactics, any cost, and hardly any cost in USA lives.

Libya? cost to USA was unreported and could have been $3-4 Billion in military aid and usage. There was a report a month or so ago… that the funneling of arms from Libya to Syria under the table so to speak, pre-election in 2012 was at cause of the 9-11-12 attacks at Benghazi, Libya. But, again..

Woodward and Bernstein are long since dead figuratively.

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(NY Times endorsement) “For Republicans, Joseph Lhota”

26 Aug

The following is verbatim from Sunday’s New York Times


“For Republicans, Joseph Lhota

You might find it odd to see this page endorsing the mayoral candidacy of Joseph Lhota, a Republican who made his mark in politics as right-hand man and chief enabler to Rudolph Giuliani. Mr. Giuliani, a two-term mayor of uncommon nastiness, has seen his once-formidable reputation shrink to a pinpoint, to the things he did on and around one terrible September day more than a decade ago. But Mr. Lhota is more than the sum of his years as Mr. Giuliani’s top deputy, and he is the best qualified of the three men seeking the Republican nomination for mayor.

Few people know better than Mr. Lhota how city government works. He was an expert budget director for Mr. Giuliani, and then became deputy mayor for operations.

In 2011 and 2012, he ran the Metropolitan Transportation Authority, which, under his leadership, recovered amazingly quickly from the damage done by Hurricane Sandy.

Mr. Lhota, son of a New York City cop, is not a glad-handing pol, but a practical and efficient one. When The Times’s editorial board interviewed candidates for the mayoral endorsement, it asked them to supply one practical idea to improve the quality of life in New York. Some were flustered. Not Mr. Lhota, who gave an instant, excellent answer: park-and-ride lots at the far ends of subway lines, to coax drivers at the city’s edges onto mass transit.

Mr. Lhota is running against John Catsimatidis, billionaire grocer, and George McDonald, founder of The Doe Fund, which gives homeless New Yorkers a job and a bed. Mr. McDonald has had an admirable career, though not one that remotely qualifies him to run New York City, and we wish he would do better at hiding his contempt for some of his opponents. When he called Anthony Weiner a “self-pleasuring freak” and got to the brink of a shoving match, he inspired audiences to boo him, not Mr. Weiner, which was quite a feat.

Being mayor requires a thick skin, good humor and the ability to show or feign graciousness. Mr. Catsimatidis, an affable man, is good at that. He likes to call his fund-raisers “friend-raisers,” and it doesn’t sound ludicrous. He also promises to make this city of eight million people a cleaner, well-run, thriving place, but we won’t take him seriously until he shows he can do that at Gristedes.

Mr. Lhota has had to live down his reputation as Mr. Giuliani’s enforcer, as when he shamefully threatened to cut off funds to the Brooklyn Museum over artwork that offended the administration. He surely knows and possibly regrets that his loyalty to his old boss has complicated his current ambitions. Asked recently by The Times to name his favorite mayor, Mr. Lhota said Fiorello La Guardia. If he embodies the traits he admires in the Little Flower — “He took off his jacket, he rolled up his sleeves, and he took care of all New Yorkers,” Mr. Lhota said — he could do well in City Hall.”


(From BRC)

Interesting is that the Times calls Catsimatidis the “billionaire grocer” when he’s stated that “only 3%” of his current worth is owed to it? The Times reserves mention of his “Oil Refinery/business” and ample “real estate development”. Both topics are habitual red-meat for Democrats. The 97% would probably come as grist for the mill should he win — maybe as part of their assured general endorsement of the Dem. primary winner?  Let’s try and get the man who can lead on Day 1, front and center.

We urge you to relay to your friends, co-workers, neighbors and relatives – that Joe Lhota is the clear choice in the September 10th Republican primary.

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Catsimatidis is cringe-worthy. Turns to attack ad. (Maybe he should’ve stayed a Democrat.)

23 Aug

Just yesterday we saw video of Mr. Catsimatidis traveling the Catskills and telling Orthodox Jewish audiences that it was Joe Lhota that was “mean-spirited”  — which was unfounded name-calling. Tonight the campaign of John Catsimatidis revealed a TV ad that is more of a stunt in the savvy NYC political marketplace. It’s a circus act more worthy of what the Democratic candidates have been bringing of late. A factually incorrect attack-ad that can only be seen as either an Atom Bomb, the act of a desperate campaign – or both. 


Trailing his Republican opponent in the polls with just over 2 weeks to go to primary — Catsimatidis called himself a job-creator and said his opponent created “1 job, for himself” listing the MTA Chairman role and a salary on-screen of $300,000-plus. This is a regrettable moment in the year’s Mayoral race — as Mr. Lhota was appointed to that position by New York Governor Cuomo and resigned, actually sacrificing that plum appointment for the slings and arrows surrounding the what’s commonly knowns as the “second toughest job in America”. The ad goes on to rip “3 differences” — saying that Mr. Lhota raised fares/tolls at the MTA and Catsimatidis (in a simpleton statement) “would never do that”. Of course he wouldn’t as he’ll never anywhere near the role that does this — meaning the NY Governor, the NYS legislature and the MTA Board by voting.

Catsimatidis also says that “Joe Lhota calls officers mall-cops”. This affront seems to refer to an of-the-cuff remark made by Joe Lhota (the son of an NYPD officer in the Bronx) months ago about Port Authority Police, which was apologized for. Again, its for Joe Lhota’s campaign to respond, and answer to this. But any Republican supporting Catsimatidis is now reduced to making excuses for a man that’s lowered the level of the race — ahead of next week’s final debate.

It was created a very negative and factually incorrect attack-ad – maybe revealing a despair? but certainly no regard for truth or any respect for his Republican opponent.

If there are Republicans anywhere in NYC tonight — cheering this — clearly they have no interest in building the GOP across our city. Winning at all costs was the “Obama way” — a level of self-interest that defies logic, especially as a Republican (at least for the last 4-5 years) in a City with staggering numbers of Democrats against anyone wearing the Republican “R”. Just as we are left with a society torn apart by last year’s Obama campaign — on matters of race, women’s rights, “the 1%”, capitalism vs. socialism, NAACP conjuring that a GOP conspiracy was set to prevent people from voting in Philly, etc. — now we endure a new, lowered bar for the NYC Mayoral race.

This is the level of the John Catsimatidis campaign tonight.

Let’s see how it shakes out?

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Surprising vids of Catsimatidis – rare mentions of Oil business, and courting votes upstate

23 Aug

An interview on TV’s Kudlow Report (sent via email/link by the Catsimatidis Campaign) led to the discovery of the following YouTube videos, appearing on successive web-pages and in the public domain. Below, you can find 3 videos — raw footage and a chronicle of the pursuit of support within Jewish orthodox communities. He calls Joe Lhota “mean-spirited” in doing so, and repeats his admirations for President Clinton.

In the first video below, Kudlow briefly mentions his ownership of United Refining Company headquartered in Pennsylvania. (This has been an aspect that the Catsimatidis campaign has been very shrewd to down-play.) During one visit to Brownstone, in fact, his campaign mentioned that the “grocer business is only 3% of his interests“.  Although not an issue in the GOP primary, in a general election we wonder how the Democrats and Media would treat a billionaire Republican who represents both Big Oil and Real Estate/Development, all rolled in himself.

Vid 1 — “Kudlow Report” August 21, 2013


Mr. Catsimatidis’ visits upstate mostly, during early and mid-August – to rally votes back in NYC. Mr. Catsimatidis also brings a message that Mr. Lhota is somehow “mean-spirited. “I don’t refer to police as mall cops.” Also: “I was a Clinton Democrat. He was the smartest President we ever had.” 

Vid 2 — YouTube – “Joe Lhota Must Calm Down” August 4, 2013


Vid 3 — You Tube – “Tours Jewish Strongholds in the Catskills” (Monticello, NY) Aug. 11, 2013


In this video, John Catsimatidis says his Oil company “provides most of the petroleum need between Pittsburgh and Buffalo”. The Rabbi asks why doesn’t he “switch to solar”? This easy conversation may be a point, in a general election. (Then following there’s a video stump speech.)

Vid 4 — YouTube – “Tours Jewish Strongholds” Aug. 5, 2013


John Catsimatidis: “If I depended on Gristedes I’d be driving a bicycle!” After hearing of plans of a John Catsimatidis Park upstate responds: “Help me to be Mayor and I don’t forget my friends.”

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$100,000 to Cuomo — just before a tax break (to donor)

9 Aug


A large, out-of-state based development company coincidentally donated $100,000 to our NY Governor Cuomo just days ahead of his signing of a bill that would provide tax breaks to the company.

How does that happen? Read the full story in the NY Daily News here.

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Weiner calls McDonald “Grandpa” at AARP forum?

7 Aug


In a testy exchange where Republican George McDonald reacted to being touched (on the shoulder/back) by Mr. Weiner — it seemed the two candidates would come to blows. Weiner resorted to a quip of name-calling (using “grandpa” in a derogatory sense) which was captured by microphones in place for the Mayoral forum. It was reported across NYC and then shot-across the country as a national interest story – on Huffiington Post, Yahoo clear out to the SF Examiner.

Oddly the media circus surrounding his campaign up to now — just had helped Weiner with name recognition. He was leading the polls! However, when it was discovered that he’d also carried on with “sexting” young ladies on the internet after resigning in disgrace two years ago — the Public soon was treated to another candidate or at least an alter-ego for the name he used online: Carlos Danger. So, Weiner’s woes are mounting. More Democrats are distancing themselves from him. He’s down to 17% and now trailing 3 candidates when he was leading just a few weeks ago.

It not only doesn’t look good, but now he’s got plenty of seniors worse than disgusted.

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Crook gets 5 yrs for $2.7m Scam on City Schools

3 Aug

Why is it that candidates cannot be asked to speak more about FRAUD in government? specifically in this example the Dept. of Education (although there’s plenty of subject matter with Dept. of Transportation, NYCHA etc.) there have to be $100s of millions per year that can be saved. Maybe we should boost the Dept. of Investigation – an agency that’s lost to the day’s news, events and across the mouths of NYC Mayoral candidates.

Yesterday a 57-year old Pennsylvania resident was sentenced to 57 months in prison — and paying restitution (which hopefully means all of it back?) for defrauding NYC out of $2.7 million across only 4 years. He did it by using 6 companies to bill the Dept. of Education for 11 special education students. Eleven. It makes you wonder what’s going on? We wonder what the process of signing off is – and if that process isn’t even farmed out to some North Carolina accounting company, etc. etc. ?

So, are the consultants and companies and NFPs and contracts at DOE — protected by the UFT as well? 

Even as NYC Comptroller and Mayoral candidate Liu touts “$4 billion of savings” that he says he found across City agencies — where’s the specifics about the Dept. of Education? If ONE MILLION is a make or break figure to save a local Firehouse – then expose the fraud. CityTime didn’t happen in a vacuum and we wonder what’s going on each day — and what the processes are to approve the waste and fraud.

Why not make finding waste at least as important and raising more funds — to throw away?

Democrats like Bill deBlasio (nee Jake Wilhelm) take the baton and use the Obama “fair share” mantra now, for offering his version of an “idea”. He’ll raising taxes “for school programs like universal Pre-K” to pander to parents. But as Public Advocate for 4 years – and over $10 million cost to NYC for that office – how often has he highlighted ANY revenues thrown-away?

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