Crook gets 5 yrs for $2.7m Scam on City Schools

3 Aug

Why is it that candidates cannot be asked to speak more about FRAUD in government? specifically in this example the Dept. of Education (although there’s plenty of subject matter with Dept. of Transportation, NYCHA etc.) there have to be $100s of millions per year that can be saved. Maybe we should boost the Dept. of Investigation – an agency that’s lost to the day’s news, events and across the mouths of NYC Mayoral candidates.

Yesterday a 57-year old Pennsylvania resident was sentenced to 57 months in prison — and paying restitution (which hopefully means all of it back?) for defrauding NYC out of $2.7 million across only 4 years. He did it by using 6 companies to bill the Dept. of Education for 11 special education students. Eleven. It makes you wonder what’s going on? We wonder what the process of signing off is – and if that process isn’t even farmed out to some North Carolina accounting company, etc. etc. ?

So, are the consultants and companies and NFPs and contracts at DOE — protected by the UFT as well? 

Even as NYC Comptroller and Mayoral candidate Liu touts “$4 billion of savings” that he says he found across City agencies — where’s the specifics about the Dept. of Education? If ONE MILLION is a make or break figure to save a local Firehouse – then expose the fraud. CityTime didn’t happen in a vacuum and we wonder what’s going on each day — and what the processes are to approve the waste and fraud.

Why not make finding waste at least as important and raising more funds — to throw away?

Democrats like Bill deBlasio (nee Jake Wilhelm) take the baton and use the Obama “fair share” mantra now, for offering his version of an “idea”. He’ll raising taxes “for school programs like universal Pre-K” to pander to parents. But as Public Advocate for 4 years – and over $10 million cost to NYC for that office – how often has he highlighted ANY revenues thrown-away?

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