Winds of War in Syria – to mask Benghazi 1 Year Anniv?

28 Aug

While the majority of Americans want no USA military involvement — our national media is aflutter with “news” of pending Syria strikes by the Obama White House?  not WHY or HOW or IF, but WHEN? clearly they are getting their news from somewhere…

Because with 2 weeks until the Benghazi Anniversary on 9-11-13 — there’s NO COVERAGE of anything done of late, nor across the 12 months previous to keep the President honest after his campaign promise of pledging that any of the 100s of attackers would be “brought to justice”. Is Syria the Wag The Dog winner of 2013?

In Afghanistan, nearly 75% of the total USA troops have now been killed under President Obama, and his 5 years… and his 300% Escalation in July, 2009. Doesn’t matter than Osama Bin Laden was killed years ago, and in another country (Pakistan) — our media simply doesn’t report any military tactics, any cost, and hardly any cost in USA lives.

Libya? cost to USA was unreported and could have been $3-4 Billion in military aid and usage. There was a report a month or so ago… that the funneling of arms from Libya to Syria under the table so to speak, pre-election in 2012 was at cause of the 9-11-12 attacks at Benghazi, Libya. But, again..

Woodward and Bernstein are long since dead figuratively.

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