Obama pressed on ObamaCare and Benghazi? — 38 total views.

30 Aug

It is beyond bizarre now.. how the White House has managed to keep “hard news” out of the Public’s Eye.  Below you can click on the Photo — to hear just about a minute of interaction that doesn’t seem to cross our broadcast news, any more.

We’re closing in on a YEAR after the “campaign promises” that the 100s of attackers on 9-11-12 at Benghazi would be “brought to justice”. Afghanistan casualties march toward a 75% of total under President Obama. Countless billions spent there and in Libya in 2011 for regime change, to protect European oil contracts from Kaddaffy? There was talk of military advisors being sent to central Africa — but even Darfur hasn’t seen air-time under Pres. Obama’s 2 terms. (Even after that $100 million African, working/family vacation in summer.)

No news at all across 6 pm nor 10 pm nor 11p m nightly news, nor any TV news magazines.

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