What Kind of Public Advocate was Bill DeBlasio?

21 Sep

We couldn’t think of too much accomplished across 4 years of earning $170,000 with an annual budget of $2 million+ per year… other than making him a Mayoral candidate.

But last July 10 or so, when he got himself arrested at a LICH protest — DeBlasio was able to place himself front/center of a years-old protest. This after advocates, community members, doctors/nurses and elected officials not being paid as NYC’s Public Advocate were fighting the hospital closure in his old 39th City Council District for well over a year. And trying to enlist the help of his Public Advocate’s office for years. But, those well-aware of his process know that’s just Bill being Bill...


Asked to rate the job Bill de Blasio has done, former Public Advocate Mark Green said this: “I think the office has underperformed in the last four years. … What’s he accomplished as public advocate beyond listing marches attended and letters to the editor?”

But, why take our word for it?… read how Capital New York handled this question:


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