It’s 2013: President Obama visits Brooklyn for 1st time, ever — to “wash” two Manhattan fundraisers?

25 Oct

President Obama never stepped foot in Brooklyn before today — not in the campaign season in 2008/2009, nor throughout the re-eelction year in 2012.  He’s always taken the 4+ million people in Brooklyn for granted. Before today, he usually made a bee-line to big-cash political funds for himself in Manhattan — sometimes 2 or 3 per evening, and walking right past the Occupy Wall Street protesters at that, to take $26,000/plate and shake hands with that very same 1%. NOT FOR CHARITY – but for HIMSELF.

Just a few days before the 1 Year Anniversary of Superstorm Sandy — he doesn’t even mention it. Sen. Chuck Schumer attended a ceremony out in Far Rockaway today to mark the rebuilding of its $42 million boardwalk. The President? He didn’t even mention his helpful hugs with NJ’s Gov. Christie.

But today 5 years into his Presidency, he helicoptered in and landed in Prospect Park’s ballfields briefly and ahead of TWO Manhattan fundraisers for his political arms (one $16,000 per plate). He didn’t tour any part of Brooklyn with community members or our NYC Mayor. Was this all designed simply to prove this trip wasn’t “all about” the evenings fundraisers — so that the American taxpayer would pay the bills? But there was a campaign-stop for Democrat for Mayor Bill DeBlasio at Junior’s on Flatbush Avenue at lunchtime. He didn’t leave NYC until nearly 10 pm — but how many American people would call this trip “hard work”US-POLITICS-OBAMA-DE BLASIO

The national press will be made to highlight the speech at P-Tech in Crown Heights — reading off the Teleprompter about how “Congress” has to give him the funding for Education, so that he’ll do something or other. The kids in attendance naturally, will be positively affected in seeing the President up-close and right in their community. That part is appreciated, very much (although where was he, across ALL the many times he’s come into NYC?). For a man that uses rhetoric of inner city challenges, he seems to avoid it – most always. Is anyone really watching? anyone really listening?

Always promising to do something, and saying someone is holding him back, etc. etc. “We’re not there, yet.” That sells, on the campaign trail. People nod. They believe him to be doing something, somewhere. Just not today in Brooklyn.

No talk about the near 40% UNEMPLOYMENT IN BROOKLYN OF INNER CITY MALES. That’s not his fault, right? So, what has he been doing for 5 years — and the 10,000s of DC bureaucrats associated with responsibilities tied to NYC or cities, or housing etc. etc. We see NO inner city agenda. Even Gov. Cuomo feigned one, before HIS election. Now what? Apply the misdirection that some Republicans are to blame? Spin the plates. What’s the focus today, if not Jobs?

Nope. Just back to fundraising for Pres. Obama and talking about what he’ll eventually do. Joe Biden’s in DC at a $32,000/plate Friday Night Fundie. Obama’s here, and next week goes to Boston for others. They can always wash the trip, with something or other that seems like work. Then, pepper the trip with fundraisers with the People picking up the tab/costs.

Seemed like a good time to come in for the 1st time, make it seem like he’s doing something for Brooklyn – then pick up some cash at the ATM that’s Manhattan. And leave. Wonder if we’ll see him back?

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