Bill DeBlasio Wins in a Landslide.

5 Nov

“He will lead this city with courage, empathy and vision…” — says the new First Lady-to be in introducing her husband, Bill DeBlasio for his acceptance speech. We hope so, too. Because the election is over.

He’s been a politician for decades. Now, he’s our Mayor.

Mr. DeBlasio’s first words: “All of our work is really just beginning… and we have no illusions about the work that’s ahead. Tackling inequality is never easy. It won’t be solved overnight. But make it clear that the people of this City has chosen a Progressive path.” Yes, it certainly has, no matter what pundits say about the Bloomberg Backlash for that 3rd term that put DeBlasio in citywide office 4 years ago and helped him now in a tidal wave.

And sure.. yes as well, after 5 years we have a U.S. President that’s been a non-stop Campaigner-in-Chief. But this is NYC – and criticism can come within seconds. A Mayor DeBlasio could be every bit the teleprompter office-holder we see in D.C.  But, he’s got a chance to unite now – and calm the rhetoric that got him elected. Clean slate. Fingers crossed. Let’s hope we have a Mayor like the one anticipated by a cheerleading NY-1 commentator, this evening — “he’s going to accomplish so much.”

Bill himself says tonight, that “the stakes are so high for every New Yorker”.

Onward to 2014. Good Luck, Mayor-Elect DeBlasio.

# # #