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Why was DeBlasio unprepared for a snow storm? (spoiler alert: yesterday was a holiday)

21 Jan

(This blog-post was added/edited after this date – to include bits for news coverage, this underscored the credible reaction/criticism and response of City Hall. Brownstone Republican Club believes the reason was simple – yesterday was MLK Jr. Day. Maybe “City Hall” took yesterday and last night, off?)

Tuesday the snow fell heavily on New York City as it does each winter, and as it has steadily this year. Throughout this day, our news media was alerted to distress calls abounding through the day. It became national news and the subject of 100s of guesses as to how NYC can be crippled considering its resources and expertise, in clearing snow — ranging from vindictiveness of DeBlasio’s leadership (as per NJ’s Gov. Christie’s attention with the George Washington Bridge lane closings last year), to outright incompetence which is closer to the answer. (We have no evidence either wasn’t the case, but would offer the most simple answer that seemed never mentioned by our NYC media.)


A Sanitation Department plow operator confirmed that officials were blindsided when the snow began falling in the heart of the morning rush instead of 11 a.m. or noon, as had been forecast.”

Yesterday was Martin Luther King day — a holiday across all NYC agencies. Is it possible that the Sanit.-workers just hadn’t fit the trucks with plows across the morning? That the decision-makers at City Hall weren’t reachable by SDNY brass/communications — since Sanitation with their track record, should be given the benefit of the doubt. Maybe the double overtime pay-scale (or more?) wasn’t approved by City Hall? Even as the news/weather reporters indicated that the major snow storm was bearing down on our City, our Mayor and City officials seemed to posture that it caught them off-guard?..

(Now that NYC is essentially run by one political party, across all arms of government – and no one wants to upset the Mayor this early in his first term — can we expect this story to fade? will anyone in the City Council wonder if City workers/SDNY were out in too large a number to cope with early snowfall?) NYC was caught unprepared. It seemed the snow plows, Sanitation trucks weren’t deployed until well into the afternoon.

This sparked reaction and attacks that all this had been premeditated somehow, that DeBlasio’s “home” areas of Park Slope did see streets cleared while other areas — like Manhattan’s Upper East Side didn’t see any plowing into the evening. Reports were City buses took 3 hours to travel one block. Parents and nannies headed to City buses stalled in traffic, in the direction of uptown toward Harlem — and had the time to remove their children, because of the huge delays. 5630a911-3e5c-48de-bb58-3f66ea6b6d1d_BelpYdmIMAAErl_

Accidents everywhere, matched the number of excuses and double-speak from City Hall.

It became national news, as Yahoo News and many TV, web news sites ran the story. They seemed to relish in the class-bashing angle, that the “tale of two cities” had seen its tables turned. (Overlooking the dangers of the FDR being stalled, massive tie-ups across midtown, the UES its transportation arteries, like the 59th Street bridge and Queens Midtown Tunnel.) We can’t expect national news to resist that Manhattan was no longer the priority, it was now Brooklyn. But, we live here and know better. 

We believe it was just a holiday, yesterday — and City Hall had its first day “off”. 

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Martin Luther King Jr. remembered.

20 Jan

Celebrating an American icon on his National Holiday. Here’s the “I Have a Dream” speech (courtesy of YouTube).


And as media does reflect on MLK Jr. Day, there’s a good chance it will neglect to mention how it came to be a Federal holiday across the America. Thanks to President Reagan, here’s why it is a day of remembrance (YouTube video).

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