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What “Vision Zero” may reveal – is a Mayor with Zero Vision.

21 Feb

Stop at stop signs? Drive responsibly? Maybe for the rest of us, but not for a Limousine Liberal in a hurry. DownloadedFile (Just so happens that CBS-2 reporter Marcia Kramer was following the Mayor’s 2-limo motorcade.) NOTE: the original CBS video was pulled/blocked some weeks following this posting, and we’ve replaced it with this (click) and this (click).

Just days after NYC Mayor proposed lowering speed limits across the city — he is in the front seat and part of breaking many of the existing laws. The hypocrisy wasn’t missed. But did the Mayor request the speeding or blowing stop signs? Was he aware? To his defense, he was probably texting or tweeting the whole time… When questioned, our Mayor claims that driving through Stop Signs, and speeding is a NYPD sanctioned way of protecting him. This rings more like an excuse (after being caught, naturally) as sirens usually are used as a warning to all, in cases of police breaking lights and needing to quickly move themselves or VIPs through traffic, etc.


While Brownstone has long wanted tougher laws and enforcement on reckless drivers — we’d ask people/media to more closely examine what’s behind the Mayor’s new program.

If the issue is pedestrian safety, then why on Earth aren’t high-speed cyclists part of the discussion? 

Firstly, we believe cars should be legally akin to loaded guns when it comes to hitting people, running them over (particularly in crosswalks where pedestrian Right of Way is often ignored). However, our new Mayor isn’t creating a program with the name “Vision Zero” — he’s simply following the lead of the Bike Lobby. Attached to this “safe streets” measure is EXACTLY NO RESTRICTIONS nor nary a mention of high-speed cyclists barreling through intersections, riding on sidewalks or not slowing at red lights. So, why would the NYC Dept. of Transportation promote to the NYC City Council or adopt it, with a myopic view of cars/autos? Do we have yet another example of this Tale of Two Cities (harsher for drivers)?

Case in point, just Google the website of foremost Bike Lobby in our city: “Transportation Alternatives’ Vision Zero NYC calls upon the Mayor’s Office to rally City agencies to develop a comprehensive plan..” 

Policy is supposed to be equal.  City Hall is promoting it by saying it comes “from Sweden” — but whether its adopted there or San Francisco isn’t the matter, more than the Bike Lobby that driving this latest measure of wanting to eliminate cars. Did our Mayor simply take the bait/hook from his advisors that are most likely active Members of Transportation Alternatives (NY’s most active anti-car lobby) and doubtless pushing quite proactively for more bike lanes, within all of this (hello Verrazano Bridge?).

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