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The Iran-Nuclear deal (video).. you have got to see.

30 Jul

Is the Iran deal worth the paper its printed on? That’s up for debate.

Or is it?

If you’d believe the Left, Obama is always right. He is to be unquestioned. Opposition is either crazy, uniformed or belittled. It’s like a BAD MOVIE. As far as the Obama-Iran deal, if you don’t agree – and agree right now – the only alternative is WAR. Buoyed by the White House, Kerry and each minion with a voice has said the same: if you are against this deal — you want WAR. It’s black and white. But, its all very bizarre. And it all came to a culmination with the silly video, below — that was linked across Social media and is a must-see.

“The agreement currently on the table is the best way to ensure Iran doesn’t build up a [expletive] bomb,” says actor Morgan Freeman on this video. The video has a named that “Jack Black and Morgan Freeman drop the mic on the Iran deal.” Final word. The mic is dropped…


Saturday Night Live couldn’t have done better (or worse).  Click the above linked/photo to see how the Iran Deal was positioned for young Americans (?). Valerie Plame is included, for credibility? about a Nuclear agreement with a nation that’s been a state sponsor of terrorism for most of the lives of its actors. That fact, naturally is unmentioned. But a Frisbee figures in prominently. 

If the Republicans had promoted a video this silly… it would lead nightly TV news, and be fodder for late-night shows for years. So, how could anyone doubt the accord? By the animated graphic (below) it makes it seem that the West will be able to gauge the program at every turn. But, does Iran sees that way?


source: actual White House graphic

Is this a new tact? A vision of the future designed to belittle an argument, by laughing at it even beyond what the nightly comedians do?.. is Pop-culture is supposed to laugh at any opposition without understanding any subject matter, how it occurred, or repercussion? Its what Obama wants, soooooooooo…

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