Tonight’s meeting features Frank Morano of 970 AM

29 Sep


Frank Morano of 970 AM The Answer (click for show’s webpage)

On Monday evening at 7pm, the BRC will reconvene and review what’s going on throughout our community. We’ll also have our Republican candidate for the 52nd A.D., John Jasilli on hand — and will open our forum as usual in the 2nd hour.

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NY State bureaucracy kills manufacturer in Carroll Gardens /Gowanus area.

8 Jul

(NY Daily News)

Statewide Fireproof Door Company in Carroll Gardens (Gowanus area) operating for 49 years, will soon close its doors after seeing it’s “workman comp” insurance rates increase 380% for six workers. President Darrel Caneiro appealed to a number of LOCAL POLS to fix the problem, but says ultimately: “bureaucracy killed us”.
“This is a story about how a state bureaucracy killed a vital Brooklyn factory.

“It’s the wrong way to die,” says Darrell Caneiro, president of Statewide Fireproof Door Co. in Carroll Gardens. “Since last year the New York State Compensation Rating Board raised my workman comp insurance rates 380% for my six workers in a small family business. It has killed us. We will shut the door of Statewide Door for the last time, after 49 years, in 10 days.”

Who pays the compensation to a neighborhood when one of its only manufacturing plants, an honest to goodness factory that makes real stuff — residential and commercial fire doors that you see on boiler rooms, movie theater fire exits, hospitals, schools and apartment houses all over Brooklyn — has been killed by a bloodless bureaucracy that literally pounced like a vampire and sucked the blood out of its neck?”


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Mets Opening Day – Mayor DeBlasio throws 1st pitch and is widely BOOed.

31 Mar

deB While one sportswriter in the NY Daily News yesterday wondered if he’ll even get there by the 4th inning… today, Mayor DeBlasio is honored by the NY Mets. He’s scheduled to toss the ceremonial 1st pitch of the season at around 1:10 pm. Wonder how the crowd will receive him, or if he’ll wear a Mets or Red Sox cap? HERE IS THE VIDEO: Added midday (click to view the link above for Mayor DeBlasio in a Mets uniform): Without the protective shell of our City Hall Press Corps, we get an earful of what New York really thinks about him. # # #

LICH in the balance. Nine proposals presented at St. Francis College this evening.

25 Mar


As was announced during our March meeting (last night, post to come), concerned residents of Brooklyn can visit St. Francis College tonight (180 Remsen Street) for a public presentation of the 9 proposals for Long Island College Hospital LICH). The session is slated to begin at 6 pm and is being run by 7 community organizations including the Cobble Hill Association and CGNA.

Many of our Brownstone members have supported the legal fight vs. approaches of NY State all along, and certainly will attend — as this issue is essentially ‘life or death’ to many 100,000s of residents, visitors and workers across Brooklyn Heights, Downtown, Red Hook and Brownstone Brooklyn. Our hospital has been here for 150 years, and ahead of the Bridge – and Brooklyn itself was designed with it as a foundation. It’s a vital part of our community and its well-being/healthcare, and was a ‘teaching hospital’ until beset by NY State mismanagement (recently). Baby boomers getting older is fact of American life. We will lose untold neighbors of LICH is allowed to fall to the highest bidder. The community wants a FULL SERVICE HOSPITAL — like what had existed before State agencies began managing LICH into the ground, seemingly in order to capitalize on its real estate.

Even with the $8 BILLION that’s come back to NYC for the health of our hospitals — NY State had chosen to sell the real estate in Brooklyn Heights/Cobble Hill last year — instead of looking for a suitor to run it as a full service hospital. The New York Times has taken the bait, and supported the NY Governor’s and SUNY’s management claims – without exposing the truths that any one of a million Brooklyn residents, here can relay. Now, we are on the clock for the “best” proposal.

Our statewide elected officials (Democrats we won’t name, here) are selling out of People — and this “achilles heel” may the best hope of Rob Astorino to win the Governorship. Thus far he has been silent — most probably because our Party has overlooked the impact of a MILLION RESIDENTS/visitors/drivers on the BQE living each day within the region served by LICH. Add that many 100s of jobs (union jobs, at that), our local economy, the lives of our residents — all are ignored/belittled, despite the rhetoric of the Democratic Party.

Elected officials (of our One Party System) that had been increasingly emboldened throughout 2013 — have been awkwardly more silent, now that the standard bearers of City Hall and Albany have reached an accord on how to streamline the process of sale? It’s been our collective position for well over a year, that NY State has sought to close the 150-year old hospital — employing private security to BLOCK the emergency room entrance, turn away ambulances (!), using State agencies to bleed funds for years and actually ferry patients out in the middle of the night, on their beds.

This is an issue that shaped the NYC Mayoral race last year when the Public Advocate (that hadn’t a record to run on, in four years and scant as a career politician) was able to gain traction by being arrested (on camera) while joining what many believed was his first rally to save the hospital in mid-July, 2013. He soared from 7% polling figures. Candidates Liu and Weiner were also present, and were lost to history. They hadn’t seized the moment.

Always remember, that late as 2012… fully 100,000 patients were treated through the Emergency Rooms of LICH.. and that the total population of Albany is only 98,000.

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Crimea river! As “Bracket Obama” strikes again on ESPN.

19 Mar

Hey, Putin.. You’re taking Crimea, but who you taking in the Final Four?


When history looks back at the Russian approaches to Crimea, figuratively appropriate during this month of March — you can bet U.S. history doesn’t include a day-by-day account of what our President Obama was doing? March Madness for sure. Experts say that Putin was winging this strategy – to see what the USA would do, each step. Our President was vacationing in Florida one weekend, black tie events at the White House du jour, fundraisers in NoCal, buying sweaters in a Manhattan GAP store before more NYC fundraisers. (But, who will be reminded of all that?)

Today, there are intelligent discussions on and across NPR — about what actions the USA is taking or should take, as Russia seems to be claiming the Crimea in a show of international disregard for the West and the Ukraine. Our news is flooded with events of yesterday, today and results of aggressive action. (But, President Obama has Michigan State to win it all. He picked the favorites again — “chalky picks” is the name for it for basketball circles for simply taking no risks, and selecting just the colleges that the media/experts have already chosen across the last few days.) These days, because the White House is seeking ways to promote “ObamaCare” — they can always wash this as an excuse for signing-up young adults. In fact, here’s the actual WHITE HOUSE web-page promoting his picks.

What else, what else.. Oh, the economy? Laser focus on jobs? Nah.

Wait, there’s also a jet airliner missing in South Asia (along with hundreds of people including Americans and Chinese nationals) – reports today are people in the Maldives reported seeing a jet flying low four hours west of where it was last reported to be about 10 days ago. Israel believes this plane can be weaponized, fitted with a nuke and readies for a worst-case scenario. The pilot’s home flight simulator included 5 landing sites — including the very airstrip in the Maldives in question? Someone turned off the transponder during that infamous flight — and thus contact in the cockpit, before it was “lost”.  Was this all intentional? It’s a global mystery. But, there’s also the NCAA college basketball tournament! (And this WH never misses a chance for easy national media coverage.)

Our President has done this for 6 years in a row, to be fair (that’s 5 prior to this year’s excuse of promoting ObamaCare). It’s part of his legacy? And it doesn’t matter to the teams that he picks “against” either, polls show they voted for him anyway. A Fundie-guy all the way, this President can work in a good time — no matter what the costs. No matter what Russia or China or Mitt Romney thinks, nor families longing for their loved ones in Malaysia.

Crimea river…

Here’s the Huffington Post account of Obama Brackets — submitted without mention of all there’s to do, aside from the NCAAs (click). 

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What “Vision Zero” may reveal – is a Mayor with Zero Vision.

21 Feb

Stop at stop signs? Drive responsibly? Maybe for the rest of us, but not for a Limousine Liberal in a hurry. DownloadedFile (Just so happens that CBS-2 reporter Marcia Kramer was following the Mayor’s 2-limo motorcade.) NOTE: the original CBS video was pulled/blocked some weeks following this posting, and we’ve replaced it with this (click) and this (click).

Just days after NYC Mayor proposed lowering speed limits across the city — he is in the front seat and part of breaking many of the existing laws. The hypocrisy wasn’t missed. But did the Mayor request the speeding or blowing stop signs? Was he aware? To his defense, he was probably texting or tweeting the whole time… When questioned, our Mayor claims that driving through Stop Signs, and speeding is a NYPD sanctioned way of protecting him. This rings more like an excuse (after being caught, naturally) as sirens usually are used as a warning to all, in cases of police breaking lights and needing to quickly move themselves or VIPs through traffic, etc.


While Brownstone has long wanted tougher laws and enforcement on reckless drivers — we’d ask people/media to more closely examine what’s behind the Mayor’s new program.

If the issue is pedestrian safety, then why on Earth aren’t high-speed cyclists part of the discussion? 

Firstly, we believe cars should be legally akin to loaded guns when it comes to hitting people, running them over (particularly in crosswalks where pedestrian Right of Way is often ignored). However, our new Mayor isn’t creating a program with the name “Vision Zero” — he’s simply following the lead of the Bike Lobby. Attached to this “safe streets” measure is EXACTLY NO RESTRICTIONS nor nary a mention of high-speed cyclists barreling through intersections, riding on sidewalks or not slowing at red lights. So, why would the NYC Dept. of Transportation promote to the NYC City Council or adopt it, with a myopic view of cars/autos? Do we have yet another example of this Tale of Two Cities (harsher for drivers)?

Case in point, just Google the website of foremost Bike Lobby in our city: “Transportation Alternatives’ Vision Zero NYC calls upon the Mayor’s Office to rally City agencies to develop a comprehensive plan..” 

Policy is supposed to be equal.  City Hall is promoting it by saying it comes “from Sweden” — but whether its adopted there or San Francisco isn’t the matter, more than the Bike Lobby that driving this latest measure of wanting to eliminate cars. Did our Mayor simply take the bait/hook from his advisors that are most likely active Members of Transportation Alternatives (NY’s most active anti-car lobby) and doubtless pushing quite proactively for more bike lanes, within all of this (hello Verrazano Bridge?).

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Why was DeBlasio unprepared for a snow storm? (spoiler alert: yesterday was a holiday)

21 Jan

(This blog-post was added/edited after this date – to include bits for news coverage, this underscored the credible reaction/criticism and response of City Hall. Brownstone Republican Club believes the reason was simple – yesterday was MLK Jr. Day. Maybe “City Hall” took yesterday and last night, off?)

Tuesday the snow fell heavily on New York City as it does each winter, and as it has steadily this year. Throughout this day, our news media was alerted to distress calls abounding through the day. It became national news and the subject of 100s of guesses as to how NYC can be crippled considering its resources and expertise, in clearing snow — ranging from vindictiveness of DeBlasio’s leadership (as per NJ’s Gov. Christie’s attention with the George Washington Bridge lane closings last year), to outright incompetence which is closer to the answer. (We have no evidence either wasn’t the case, but would offer the most simple answer that seemed never mentioned by our NYC media.)


A Sanitation Department plow operator confirmed that officials were blindsided when the snow began falling in the heart of the morning rush instead of 11 a.m. or noon, as had been forecast.”

Yesterday was Martin Luther King day — a holiday across all NYC agencies. Is it possible that the Sanit.-workers just hadn’t fit the trucks with plows across the morning? That the decision-makers at City Hall weren’t reachable by SDNY brass/communications — since Sanitation with their track record, should be given the benefit of the doubt. Maybe the double overtime pay-scale (or more?) wasn’t approved by City Hall? Even as the news/weather reporters indicated that the major snow storm was bearing down on our City, our Mayor and City officials seemed to posture that it caught them off-guard?..

(Now that NYC is essentially run by one political party, across all arms of government – and no one wants to upset the Mayor this early in his first term — can we expect this story to fade? will anyone in the City Council wonder if City workers/SDNY were out in too large a number to cope with early snowfall?) NYC was caught unprepared. It seemed the snow plows, Sanitation trucks weren’t deployed until well into the afternoon.

This sparked reaction and attacks that all this had been premeditated somehow, that DeBlasio’s “home” areas of Park Slope did see streets cleared while other areas — like Manhattan’s Upper East Side didn’t see any plowing into the evening. Reports were City buses took 3 hours to travel one block. Parents and nannies headed to City buses stalled in traffic, in the direction of uptown toward Harlem — and had the time to remove their children, because of the huge delays. 5630a911-3e5c-48de-bb58-3f66ea6b6d1d_BelpYdmIMAAErl_

Accidents everywhere, matched the number of excuses and double-speak from City Hall.

It became national news, as Yahoo News and many TV, web news sites ran the story. They seemed to relish in the class-bashing angle, that the “tale of two cities” had seen its tables turned. (Overlooking the dangers of the FDR being stalled, massive tie-ups across midtown, the UES its transportation arteries, like the 59th Street bridge and Queens Midtown Tunnel.) We can’t expect national news to resist that Manhattan was no longer the priority, it was now Brooklyn. But, we live here and know better. 

We believe it was just a holiday, yesterday — and City Hall had its first day “off”. 

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