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Surprising vids of Catsimatidis – rare mentions of Oil business, and courting votes upstate

23 Aug

An interview on TV’s Kudlow Report (sent via email/link by the Catsimatidis Campaign) led to the discovery of the following YouTube videos, appearing on successive web-pages and in the public domain. Below, you can find 3 videos — raw footage and a chronicle of the pursuit of support within Jewish orthodox communities. He calls Joe Lhota “mean-spirited” in doing so, and repeats his admirations for President Clinton.

In the first video below, Kudlow briefly mentions his ownership of United Refining Company headquartered in Pennsylvania. (This has been an aspect that the Catsimatidis campaign has been very shrewd to down-play.) During one visit to Brownstone, in fact, his campaign mentioned that the “grocer business is only 3% of his interests“.  Although not an issue in the GOP primary, in a general election we wonder how the Democrats and Media would treat a billionaire Republican who represents both Big Oil and Real Estate/Development, all rolled in himself.

Vid 1 — “Kudlow Report” August 21, 2013



Mr. Catsimatidis’ visits upstate mostly, during early and mid-August – to rally votes back in NYC. Mr. Catsimatidis also brings a message that Mr. Lhota is somehow “mean-spirited. “I don’t refer to police as mall cops.” Also: “I was a Clinton Democrat. He was the smartest President we ever had.” 

Vid 2 — YouTube – “Joe Lhota Must Calm Down” August 4, 2013



Vid 3 — You Tube – “Tours Jewish Strongholds in the Catskills” (Monticello, NY) Aug. 11, 2013


In this video, John Catsimatidis says his Oil company “provides most of the petroleum need between Pittsburgh and Buffalo”. The Rabbi asks why doesn’t he “switch to solar”? This easy conversation may be a point, in a general election. (Then following there’s a video stump speech.)


Vid 4 — YouTube – “Tours Jewish Strongholds” Aug. 5, 2013


John Catsimatidis: “If I depended on Gristedes I’d be driving a bicycle!” After hearing of plans of a John Catsimatidis Park upstate responds: “Help me to be Mayor and I don’t forget my friends.”


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