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Boooooo for Halloween! Boston wins World Series after last Lhota-DeBlasio debate.

31 Oct


Brooklyn’s giving a special Bronx cheer for Bill DeBlasio/Warren Wilhelm.

Last night, among the lighter debate topics, we heard how since “he’s Italian” a young Warren Wilhelm had wine from an early age…

We also wondered how Bill DeBlasio felt about the Boston Red Sox’s chances of winning their first World Series — being the debate was happened as things were underway at Fenway Park. In fact, it was airing on Ch. 5 as the debate was broadcast live on Channel 4/NBC. Boston was set for the first World Series win at home in 95 years — since 1918. It was a very, very, very Big Deal for anyone that’s a part of Red Sox Nation. There were bigger “stories” attached for last-to-first angles and of course, the City’s Boston Strong reaction to last April’s terrorist bombing during their marathon day.

But, today is Halloween — and it will be the EVERLASTING HORROR for many baseball fans —┬ámillions of both NY Yankees and NY Mets fans alike, to have their Mayor walking around with a Boston Red Sox cap. It’s being played-off as insignificant across NYC media — of course, as its the Democratic candidate. But Yankee Stadium would never accept a Mayor DeBlasio vs. a Mayor Lhota that’s born just miles away? Sports are a religion across New England, and the Red Sox transcend baseball… their fans will NEVER let anyone from NYC forget that. At one Super Bowl celebration for the New England Patriots’ football team, for example and another year for the Boston Bruins hockey team winning it all — millions of Boston fans changed “Yankees Suck!” over and over. Boston’s hatred for New York transcends sports, and is centuries old. Boston fans aren’t just in NYC, but living nationwide — thus their marketing tactic of “Red Sox Nation”.

We wonder if DeBlasio himself, has ever chanted: “Yankees Suck?”

Is all this enough to make a NY Mayor smile? how come DeBlasio has never answered to this?


Happy Halloween… what a horror story…

(Vote for Joe Lhota.)

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