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Brownstone to march for LICH — invites NYS campaigns.

22 Oct

Protest march is set, rain or shine on Atlantic Avenue — starting 1 pm this upcoming Sunday at Nevins Street, down to LICH (at Hicks Street).

LICH is Governor Cuomo’s political Achilles Heel — and its all right-there for Rob Astorino. Still.


While scoring in the only scheduled debate tonight in the NY Governor’s race… nevertheless, Rob Astorino’s campaign missed (again) what might have delivered him the election. Astorino said early in 2014 that he needed but 30% of NYC — and that could’ve been assured, had the people of Brooklyn (and media across NYC) witnessed a GOP candidate showing how much he cared. This issue, remember, made a Mayor out of DeBlasio.. as he persuaded the locals that he’d champion the cause and fight for LICH (locals that mostly knew him far differently, as more of an opportunist for 20+ years). If this is what drives and motivates politicians: DeBlasio went from 7% to 24% in two weeks, after famously being arrested (on camera) at a protest.

On Sunday, October 26th at 1 pm on Atlantic Avenue (at Nevins Street) many 100s of local community members, including many active Brownstone members — will march to LICH. Our Brownstone members have emailed, made calls, prepared press releases, helped the organizers behind the scenes. (Dr. Jon Berall is depicted). lich-dr-jon_berallThere’s NO doubt that local Democrat officials will show, get to the front and continue the pretense they have something to do with the solution — when we ALL know they will not use the c-word. They won’t say Cuomo’s at fault, especially on camera. If people vote for our John Jasilli for State Assembly in the 52nd A.D. — he’d mentioned Cuomo’s name and be a Godsend for locals. He’d investigate and expose the connections with SUNY and NYS Dept. of Health, and why exactly it is that LICH isn’t currently an operating full-service hospital.

Rob Astorino should attend, as everyone here KNOWs the assault on our local hospital by NYS Governor Andrew Cuomo is his Achilles Heel.  Cuomo doesn’t care. Astorino could have shown he does. He could have opposed the Governor, saying so to his face on television — but that chance is now gone.

In the manner that someone named “Zephyr Teachout” beat Cuomo 2-to-1 across our areas in September’s primary.. in the manner where Mayor DeBlasio’s hand-picked successor to our Assemblywoman Joan Millman was routed… both, because all across our areas, voters were treated to a campaign promise (of fighting for LICH) ignored within weeks of his inauguration. When DeBlasio sided with Gov. Cuomo, then sent mail locally about how the closing was actually a better deal for the 1,000s that have been fighting, protesting, funding court battles for over a year, etc. — people had enough with the Mayor. LICH is more important. They need a hero. Rob Astorino could have, should have seen this — and we’ve tried to reach his campaign 100 ways to Sunday.

Now, we’ll take to the streets on Sunday ourselves. Again.

Fighting the Battle vs. Cuomo.

The community’s fight has long been abandoned by elected officials, mostly local Democrats that have found some tall grass to hide in from both Gov. Cuomo and their constituents. An organization now taking the lead in this fight is “Patients for LICH”click here for a recent court try/battle — a pithy name for local neighbors that naturally understand the importance of this 150+ year old hospital, far more than our elected officials and their promises, rhetoric and back-tracking. Mayor DeBlasio? Cannot find him. Councilmembers? Assemblywoman? State Senator Squadron.. all suddenly AWOL and unreachable for quotes by our local media, with the Governor’s race at hand. All “good Democrats” for Andrew — and turning their backs on the 100,000s of us that live, travel and depend on LICH. And yet, this year they cannot blame “Republicans” as our candidate John Jasilli has vowed to shed the light on the NY State’s role in closing a viable hospital.

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John Jasilli vows NYS hearings on $240 million sale of LICH.

30 Sep

John Jasilli.

The strong, independent leadership our areas greatly need.




Long Island College Hospital is not dead – although there’s only one candidate that will fight any and all powers-that-be to insure its vitality for Brooklyn residents.

Park Slope attorney John Jasilli stood before the Brownstone Republican Club on September 29th and made a clear case why voters across the 52nd Assembly District need to have a choice. Within minutes, he crystalized what our local elected leaders cannot bring themselves say: Gov. Cuomo’s role in the destruction of LICH needs to be investigated by the Legislative branch of NY Statephoto-12

His first point was vital, questioning how Cuomo suddenly determined that Long Island College Hospital (LICH) could not function as a full-service hospital after 150 years? And in consideration of the soaring Housing developments across DUMBO, the Heights, across Downtown.. and the Barclays Center and tourists drawn to Pier 6, Fulton Street… a full service hospital is exactly what areas sorely require.

  1. Transparency and Ethics in NYS government.
  1. Re-open LICH as a full-service hospital.
  1. Bring the NY State Legislature to examining and “opening the books” of LICH, its oversight by SUNY, and its billing processes across the last few years. Examine how the Governor acted by installing leadership at SUNY and then using SUNY and NYS Dept. of Health through stages to justify the loss of LICH, eliminating it’s 2000 jobs, not finding an organization suitable to run LICH as a full-service hospital. (BRC members also added “defying court orders, in stages to cripple its operation” and “imperiling the health and well-being of nearly a million residents”. )
  1. NY State’s financial responsibility and a “friendlier” Business environment:  a)fewer fines and regulations b) incentives especially to Small & Mid-sized businesses, leading to Job Creation c) more Housing to satisfy the law of Supply & Demand d) responsible development of the Gowanus District (holding the DeBlasio Administration/City Planning Dept.’s feet to the fire for a failure of a vision, that the community can understand and generally look forward to seeing)
  1. Better school planning and More Choice.

Mr. Jasilli thus outlined why he’s running and what he’d work for that will set him apart from Joan Millman’s hand-picked successor (Ms. JoAnne Simon/D.) and a former lobbyist from the Working Family Party with political ties to DeBlasio (Peter Sikora).

Many of the members of the Brownstone Republican Club walked his petitions, in order to get Mr. Jasilli on the ballot for November. The BRC believed he’d be a strong, smart and independent voice – and this has been proven true. Mr. Jasilli owes no donor anything, and is swayed by logic – and having raised his family across Park Slope and our areas of Brooklyn.


John Jasilli believes people are ready to vote for people that will make a difference for them – and not their individual political career-paths. None of our elected officials (all Democrats) for example, will blame Governor Cuomo by name for the attack on LICH – as they have fallen back into a typical “get along, go along”-mode. Many will not even answer questions about LICH. Therefore, a “life and death”-issue of supporting LICH across 2013 and 2014 – which was used to make a Mayor out of Bill DeBlasio (when he joined the fight in mid-July of 2013) is now summarily ignored because both our Mayor and Governor can be harmed, politically?

What about us — should we need medical attention?

This is very typical of local politics, and the time has come to start voting for candidates that can shake things up ONLY to serve the people of the community.




(The above was reprinted from a Brownstone blog web-page that described some of what was offered by our BRC member, John Jasilli for NYS Assembly for the 52nd Assembly District across October and November of 2014.)


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