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“Everybody knows you’re an honest man. Everybody.”

1 Feb


New York City lost an icon today. (Click on the photo or sentence /link for an outstanding, reflective 2007 NY Times documentary.)

Instantly recognizable worldwide, Hizzoner had a NY style that was a throwback to the Bronx of early last century — and it was authentic. Mayor Koch was the very fabric of the City. Even at 88 years old he was active across today’s politics. Frequent guest on NY-1′s news analysis, he was always honest and open, and willing to speak his mind as you’d expect from a New Yorker.

From his start in politics, be battled and beat Tammany Hall in Manhattan’s Greenwich Village — served NYC as a Congressman, then “Mayor for life”.  He won his 3rd term with 75% of the vote, before an ill-fated run at Governor and scandals in Queens/Bronx affected him. They weren’t his doing, but it weighed on him and revealed the depth of his caring. In the video linked, he admits to a deep depression – and how NY’s Cardinal O’Connor helped significantly, by phoning him and reassuring NYC’s love and support with (words used as the headline of this posting).

Mayor Koch did all he could, and usually with a sense of humor — even, writing movie reviews (which were always a fun read) .

They don’t make them like this, anymore. Millions of us, wish they did.

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