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Worst press endorsement in U.S. history? NY Daily News puts tail between its legs.

3 Nov

UFTDeblasioToday, the NY Daily News endorsed for NYC Mayor — the candidate without the managerial experience to be the City’s chief executive. Strangely, its written almost as if they didn’t really want to endorse him — but figured most of their readers are Democrats, union members, etc. — and just was playing to their audience? Read the endorsement yourself, which is as far from the cliche of “a ringing endorsement” as any, ever before. These are DIRECT QUOTES unless they edit vs. their printed version:

“We do so with worrying reservations”

“an often unrealistic platform”

“Republican rival Joe Lhota is a highly accomplished man.”

“he (DeBlasio) displayed a frightening ideological bent”

“with campaign rhetoric that ran counter to the best interests of the Office he will occupy”

“He will have to do a lot better to avoid becoming the Mayor who brought back murder” (!)

“hasn’t a prayer of succeeding on those scores”

“DeBlasio offered few realistic ideas for raising achievement” (on Education)

“although lacking management experience”

“willing to reverse course to suit political needs” 

“endorsement extended with trepidation”

Moreover, the real DeBlasio is hardly mentioned in this summary, as the NY Daily News does its readership a great disservice. Our guess its because he’s got the UFT and many other unions behind him, and that’s why no mention — or attention was paid to the many contracts due (and DeBlasio’s/Democrats reportedly signed a letter promising them goodies ahead of negotiations? like retro-pay maybe? who knows what back-door promises are being made?). The candidate that will say anything to get elected — isn’t grilled on what he’s been saying. But, all this is nothing new as there’s a public record — albeit also ignored. We’ve already seen how his constituents respond to the sticker-shock of the elected official vs. the one that campaigns — just isn’t news, to the NY Daily News.  In Brooklyn, Carroll Gardens Democrats wondered about his actions amid the Gowanus canal/Superfund discussions & special offers for $1 in property/zoning variances, Bruce Ratner paid for his 50th birthday party (!) — and “low income housing” is yet to be built, or even ground broken associated with the Barclay’s Center.

Can anyone actually “name 3 things” he’s done as Public Advocate? — although he’s celebrated his own joining the fight to save LICH/Long Island College Hospital on July 10th, 2013 (!!) when he was polling at 7% in the Democratic Primary. Brooklyn residents sent 10,000s of letters, voicemails, emails, protesting in the streets and at meetings for years — without getting the attention of the Public Advocate’s office vs. Gov. Cuomo/SUNY’s motives. Again, as BRC mentioned many times since — he’s YET to hold Gov. Cuomo’s feet to this issue, as he holds his hand (for mutual promotion/photo opportunities).

This is what the Daily News finds heroic?

The candidate that went to Nicaragua to help Sandinista rebels in his 20s (by the way, who paid for the trip?) and Cuba for his honeymoon. Despite published articles that show DeBlasio owns 2 million-dollar homes, didn’t report income for years, and charges market-rates for rents — it doesn’t expose his “tale of two cities” rhetoric.  endless duplicities in his character that demonstrate he’s a say anything/do nothing politician. Says one thing, does another. Two faces? Typical politician? Isn’t this exactly what most people abhor in politicians, elected “leaders” and bureaucrats?

“Trepidation”? At least in this Economy, talk is still cheap.

Let’s get a man that can lead this City in there… vote for Joe Lhota. 

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BRC welcomes Brooklyn’s esteemed District Attorney.

23 Oct


A number of attendees called October “one of our best meetings” – as the Brownstone Club welcomed a giant of law enforcement in Brooklyn’s District Attorney Charles “Joe” Hynes. His accomplishments were frequently applauded, recognizing many innovative aspects of his public service — including the Red Hook Juvenile Justice Center, his dedication to the rights/protection of Seniors, and even his tenure beforehand as Commissioner of FDNY.

He stayed for a Q&A and expressed how he learned that former Democratic Party boss (disgraced and jailed by D.A. Hynes) had surfaced at the campaign celebration of his Democratic rival. We implored Mr. Hynes to debate Mr. Thompson on NY-1 and allow more NYC voters and media/writers to react to both his rationale/positions for taking the Republican line. He replied he wouldn’t. He distrusts the Democratic Primary victor’s relationship with NY-1 and refused to debate unless his rival would meet him first among their peers at the Brooklyn Bar Association, on principal. We wish him well. His service should be lauded — and as a Democrat it is surprising that his record isn’t common knowledge, already.

In a year that’s produced an outstanding array of speakers, lively interaction each meeting, and involvement in local issues – BRC certainly covered some ground on this evening. We advanced the meeting’s date so that members could involve themselves and engage communities on behalf of our candidates. Our 40 attendees would hear from the head of Brooklyn operations for Joe Lhota for Mayor in Mr. Ross Brady, and openly discuss the campaign. photo-29

We also had a presentation from “Indie Republicans” – two independent thinkers from Queens, NY with a grassroots organization that’s energizing Democrats & independents (online and in their communities) who would not be swayed from any sort of ‘Conservative’ approaches or thinking. It was very interesting and demonstrated citywide potential for creative energy & alternative views to emerge from our Republican Party.

There was a nuance of just how wide “the Republican tent” can be – and how the younger generations and social media can be more aggressively utilized for creating awareness, opinion based on more facts (vs. emotional, biased coverage and media attacks).


In the 2nd hour the Club dissected the present state of our Brooklyn GOP – and examined how a perceived spitefulness surrounding the Catsimatidis’ loss by his supporters may be detracting from what should be unanimous support of Brooklyn’s Joe Lhota. BRC opened the floor to openly about a Primary that grew bitter (thanks to relentless attack ads) many hoped would be well in the past by October – but clearly is not, even as Election Day draws closer. Many felt a year that should have made our GOP stronger was wasted, and harmed by divisions and motives that simply did not put “the Party first”.

Our members engaged each other and some criticisms were aired at length — i.e., the lack of any GOP candidate for Brooklyn Borough President, belief that present or future $$-considerations surrounding the Catsimatidis Primary were destructive/irreparable, as were occurrences at the recent contentious “Brooklyn Republican Convention” of Sept. 30th.

As they say, you had to be there — because ultimately, the involving manner of the discussion and ultimately the ‘inside baseball’ of its results were therapeutic. While there’s certainly a “to be continued” feeling to the what’s being decided in Court Hearings, regarding the County Chairmanship – resolution is said to be coming in January. Certain members had their opinions heard and responded to, on all sides of these issues. As a group, we ended the discussion far less fractured – and that’s a tribute to all that spoke.


photo-28Our final guest speaker of the evening was NYC Council candidate Andy Sullivan who gave an impassioned speech about public service — and the tolls and sacrifices that activists and public figures can bear, behind the scenes. Mr. Sullivan was outstanding in his relaying the impact of his involvement against the “Ground Zero mosque” and national media interviews, and then the slings/arrows he faced behind closed doors, when Powers That Be didn’t agree with that stance. Whether or not you agree with the positions of any man that’s devoting himself to the public-good, and trying to make a difference in their community — the spirit for being involved is incredible. Mr. Sullivan is a sure example, and embodies a man for others — which is an essential characteristic we all would want to see MORE OF in elected leaders.

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Carroll Gardens blog reveals DeBlasio’s Achilles’ Heel — local Democrats with a memory

19 Oct

“I was skeptical from the start. I felt that Mr. DeBlasio was too much of an ideologue with a sound bite.” — Comment

“You and/or CORD could have gotten this out sooner – However, we DO thank you for getting it out at all. Those of us (without public voices) remember Bill D.  Lhota may not have been the best choice during the primary season, but he may be now — and at least he got the trains to run on time.” — Comment

“I truly appreciate the dialogue with my readers and my neighbors. That’s what makes a community.” — blogger, Katia K.



A recent posting in our local “Pardon Me For Asking” blog brings into the forefront locally — what many citizens across Carroll Gardens, Kensington and Park Slope have been aware of across decades. It reveals Bill DeBlasio’s true weakness — local Democrats with their memory intact, and  non-partisan fearlessness of relaying their opinion.

In fact, the 39th NYC Council District could be playing as a microcosm of the 2013 general election.


“Married” to Bill DeBlasio
A Joint Memoir from Some Ex-Constituents

“Our affair with Bill DeBlasio began sometime in 1999 when he became our School Board Representative.

We were attracted to his drive, his enthusiam and yes, even his ambition. He flirted with us–we responded.

The marriage was consummated when we elected him our Council Member in 2001. He married each of us…all of the men, women and children of District 39.

He appeared to be quite the catch—well-spoken, attentive, an engaged conversationalist who seemed to listen with every fiber of his being. He was tall, handsome, charming—He was a Democratic representative in a Democratic demographic–he had ties with a former President and was an advisor to a potential one—The honeymoon had begun. We were willingly seduced and felt very lucky.

We were unaware then, that we did not even know his real name.

It was not long before we learned that his style of representation was very different to what we had become accustomed to. He was not readily available by phone–he was rarely in his office and there were intermediaries that we were told to deal with instead of him.

It seemed like he was never home.

This was a very different type of commitment—one this corner of the 39th had certainly never seen before.

Four years into our relationship, we renewed our vows, but it became clear that Bill had set his sights on much greener, much larger pastures. All of the signs were there and of course, conflicts arose.

Developers seemed to be targetting our community. High rise, out of context apartment buildings tearing the fabric of our historic brownstone neighborhood–changing our surroundings faster than our infrastructure or current environment could possibly accommodate.

What did our Champion DeBlasio do?

He turned his back on us and opened his arms to a developer who had grand plans for a project that presented very real environmental concerns.

Then, in April of 2009, the filthy Gowanus Canal was miraculously nominated to the National Priorities List–an event that any faithful partner would have cheered….instead Our Bill declared that the Canal “was not that dirty” and proceeded to support the New York City Plan which scoffed at the facts and scientific findings of the EPA.

Perhaps if this had been the last of our disappointments, our relationship and inevitable parting could have been more pleasant. He was now the certain Public Advocate to Be and he had more than one foot out the door.

But his final farewell, the last straw came when we learned that he very very quietly tried to push through a law which would exempt a project which was in direct contradiction to a hard earned zoning amendment he had publicly supported and widely claimed to take credit for!

Bill moved on to his Public Advocate position–where his tenure left us, to put it politely, unsatisfied. The EPA vs the City of New York battle raged over the Gowanus Canal’s future, and our Bill, our neighbor, our former partner and most importantly, OUR PUBLIC ADVOCATE, had not one word to say about the environmental/public health hazard coursing through the heart of his former district.

Throwing his hat into the Mayoral race at the end of the Public Advocate gig, was not a surprise. We did find him predictable and ever self serving.
It may come as a surprise to you that Bill can deride the worst landords in New York City on one hand and accept their money with the other…but it does not surprise us.
One day Charter Schools must go–next day–they can stay if they pay rent–next day they won’t be pushed out if they can’t pay……all too familiar to us.

Bill tells a tale of two cities combined with the I am Robin Hood stance. It is a catchy platform–who would not fall in love with someone who professes to better the lives of the poor, champion the underserved and better educate our children while taxing the rich?

However, this same Robin Hood, this same equalizer, this former partner of ours has also publicly characterized himself both a progressive and a fiscal conservative. We suppose it depends on who is in the audience at the time.

It seems as though Bill is counting on the fact that New York is still a Democratic city–and what he says will not really be measured or remembered.

He is wrong.

After all these years, we can say that we know the man known as School Board Member Bill DeBlasio. We remember the man known as Councilman Bill DeBlasio and we experienced the man known as Public Advocate Bill DeBlasio.

We have seen the many shades of Bill and we know what a relationship with Bill DeBlasio might bring. Now, he is courting you.

Published jointly by Carroll Gardens CORD and Pardon Me for Asking

(link to actual blogpost, click here)


It’s the epicenter of DeBlasio’s “Working Family Party” and its notorious actions which thwart non-WFP Democrats, reformers and moderates alike. BY THE WAY.. While it was Rudy Giuliani’s former counsel, Randy Mastro that nearly crippled the WFP (by exposing their actions) — where is Mr. Mastro and Mr. Giuliani now, to remind NYC’s Democrats and Independents of this?

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