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New Jersey and Connecticut poaching NYC (already?)

20 Nov

Chris Christie

Across the NY Post and CBS, news websites — our two neighboring states of NJ and Connecticut seem to be salivating. Preparing

They’re set on capitalizing on NYC’s electing a new Mayor that seems less “business friendly” (as per his disdain for keeping 2,000 jobs from moving to NJ, considering his rhetoric regarding Fresh Direct being kept in the Bronx by Mayor Bloomberg). The ‘progressive’ talk of taxing the rich and the mass-appeal of free “universal pre-school” paid for by increasing taxes — has alerted New Yorkers that new taxes of all sorts may be just on the horizon?

Clearly, the offices of our neighboring Mayors and Governors in CT and NJ were watching. However, here… after a day of this from Chris Christie and a week of TV commercials by CT’s Governor — there’s NO RESPONSE prepared in defense (or offense) from either Mario Cuomo, Mayor Bloomberg, nor Mayor-Elect Bill DeBlasio. We may be seeing a renewed war on NYC businesses, whether NYC wants to fight or not.


New York Post:

“You see taxes being increased there,” Christie said. “You have a new mayor in New York who is aggressively talking about increasing taxes in New York City. While I feel badly for New Yorkers, come to New Jersey.

Christie is not the only politician encouraging New Yorkers to move out of state.

Tom Foley, the GOP candidate for governor in Connecticut, released ads this week encouraging New Yorkers to move to Connecticut.

“Enjoy one more year in your city and then come join us in Connecticut,” Foley says in a TV spot.


New Jersey and Connecticut have grown rich on the back of the economic engine that’s New York City — and built overall per capita income to the USA’s highest levels. Because essentially, they are mainland suburbs of NYC. For the most part they have drawn NYC businesses away by promising more space, less taxes and easier transportation costs (for goods and workers). There’s less “crime” and “better schools” — a euphemism that speaks to people seeking homogenous neighborhoods and towns. When COOs and CEOs and Owners move, they bring their offices/business with them — so that they need not ride in cars stuck in traffic (especially over bridges/tunnels) and in commuter trains. For 20-25 years, NJ has also targeted Seniors and retirees to “over 55 communities” — many sell homes, build a bank account and spend on goods/services in the NJ economy. NYC of late, mostly seems to focus on the young, new professional (bike lanes, Silicon Alley business incubators, etc.) and seems not to discourage turn-over (which means Real Estate revenues/taxes raised).

(Last time this effort was reported in the media — was directly after 9-11 attacks when they urged businesses to install back-office and digital files away from the ‘danger’ of NYC terrorist attacks). No matter how it feels from NYC’s perspective, it happens. Wealth leaves. Wall St. back-office and trading firms have jumped across the Hudson River. Look at how Jersey City has grown a SKYLINE since 9-11-2001.

Let’s hope its not a mass migration — and that the Mayor-Elect has some answers.

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Election Day retrospective: Remember the 2009 De Blasio-Bloomberg lunch?

10 Sep

As our media and De Blasio himself plays up (and plays off) the legacy of Mayor Bloomberg But, odd… how short everyone’s memory?

As a NYC Councilman in the Gowanus District, wasn’t Mr. DeBlasio supportive of the Mayor’s plan vs. the EPA/Gowanus Superfund (which ultimately won out)? Even as Public Advocate, DeBlasio never spoke for the Superfund of against the kind of development/developers that local community activists oppose (mostly outspoken Democrats)?


http://vimeo.com/7438556 (video includes Bloomberg/DeBlasio smiling exit/press conference)

Remember the news, the VERY next day after the 2009 election — in which DeBlasio’s platform essentially consisted on his self-described opposition to Bloomberg and the 3d term? What was THAT all about? While doubtless today it can be spun as some Detente-style peace-making — could it have been the reassurance of some deal-making? Didn’t the Public Advocate’s office get a $800k or so bump in budget, immediately after the election from where the budget was when Betsy Gotbaum was leading it/leaving it (after her budget was slashed)? Wasn’t that reported somewhere…?

Was this another case of saying one thing, and actually doing another that few know about?

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Know what’s “debatable”? — holding Republican Mayoral Debates on Sunday

8 Sep

For years, the most cynical among us have said that the media chooses candidates. Usually this meant by presentation and soft-selling one over another. Today, we see evidence of given Republicans in NYC the short straw.

The GOP debate today is airing at 11:30 am on Channel 4/NBC — but many potential viewers are either at Sunday church services, or on their way home from them. They’re with family on a Sunday afternoon. Additionally, as the first Sunday of NFL football… many households (of the people who would be home at all) would have on pre-game televised offerings across ESPN etc. in anticipation of kick-off. The “2nd half” of Sunday’s GOP debate is actually on nbcnewyork.com — directly competing with the Opening Day excitement of the nation’s most popular televised sport?

Anyone notice how the Democratic debates have been held on major local networks, and NY-1…. in PRIME TIME and on weeknights, when more people are home to see the candidates? Equal time is slighted by the actual time-slot selected, offered, reluctantly sacrificed for the GOP forums?

We all have seen how the media plays politics — promoting one-sided issues across day-time and night-time TV, in the slight criticisms vs.  usual outright fashioning of the Obama “image”, for example. Across NYC it’s clear our local NYC broadcasting folks have shown their hand, again. They’ll do anything they can, to obscure the GOP’s candidates.

The greatest city in the world, the Media Capital of the World… has been led by a Republican for 5 terms now and for 20 years consecutively. But no one can see the primary debate — of the potential next one?

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