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Worst press endorsement in U.S. history? NY Daily News puts tail between its legs.

3 Nov

UFTDeblasioToday, the NY Daily News endorsed for NYC Mayor — the candidate without the managerial experience to be the City’s chief executive. Strangely, its written almost as if they didn’t really want to endorse him — but figured most of their readers are Democrats, union members, etc. — and just was playing to their audience? Read the endorsement yourself, which is as far from the cliche of “a ringing endorsement” as any, ever before. These are DIRECT QUOTES unless they edit vs. their printed version:

“We do so with worrying reservations”

“an often unrealistic platform”

“Republican rival Joe Lhota is a highly accomplished man.”

“he (DeBlasio) displayed a frightening ideological bent”

“with campaign rhetoric that ran counter to the best interests of the Office he will occupy”

“He will have to do a lot better to avoid becoming the Mayor who brought back murder” (!)

“hasn’t a prayer of succeeding on those scores”

“DeBlasio offered few realistic ideas for raising achievement” (on Education)

“although lacking management experience”

“willing to reverse course to suit political needs” 

“endorsement extended with trepidation”

Moreover, the real DeBlasio is hardly mentioned in this summary, as the NY Daily News does its readership a great disservice. Our guess its because he’s got the UFT and many other unions behind him, and that’s why no mention — or attention was paid to the many contracts due (and DeBlasio’s/Democrats reportedly signed a letter promising them goodies ahead of negotiations? like retro-pay maybe? who knows what back-door promises are being made?). The candidate that will say anything to get elected — isn’t grilled on what he’s been saying. But, all this is nothing new as there’s a public record — albeit also ignored. We’ve already seen how his constituents respond to the sticker-shock of the elected official vs. the one that campaigns — just isn’t news, to the NY Daily News.  In Brooklyn, Carroll Gardens Democrats wondered about his actions amid the Gowanus canal/Superfund discussions & special offers for $1 in property/zoning variances, Bruce Ratner paid for his 50th birthday party (!) — and “low income housing” is yet to be built, or even ground broken associated with the Barclay’s Center.

Can anyone actually “name 3 things” he’s done as Public Advocate? — although he’s celebrated his own joining the fight to save LICH/Long Island College Hospital on July 10th, 2013 (!!) when he was polling at 7% in the Democratic Primary. Brooklyn residents sent 10,000s of letters, voicemails, emails, protesting in the streets and at meetings for years — without getting the attention of the Public Advocate’s office vs. Gov. Cuomo/SUNY’s motives. Again, as BRC mentioned many times since — he’s YET to hold Gov. Cuomo’s feet to this issue, as he holds his hand (for mutual promotion/photo opportunities).

This is what the Daily News finds heroic?

The candidate that went to Nicaragua to help Sandinista rebels in his 20s (by the way, who paid for the trip?) and Cuba for his honeymoon. Despite published articles that show DeBlasio owns 2 million-dollar homes, didn’t report income for years, and charges market-rates for rents — it doesn’t expose his “tale of two cities” rhetoric.  endless duplicities in his character that demonstrate he’s a say anything/do nothing politician. Says one thing, does another. Two faces? Typical politician? Isn’t this exactly what most people abhor in politicians, elected “leaders” and bureaucrats?

“Trepidation”? At least in this Economy, talk is still cheap.

Let’s get a man that can lead this City in there… vote for Joe Lhota. 

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$100,000 to Cuomo — just before a tax break (to donor)

9 Aug


A large, out-of-state based development company coincidentally donated $100,000 to our NY Governor Cuomo just days ahead of his signing of a bill that would provide tax breaks to the company.

How does that happen? Read the full story in the NY Daily News here.

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Daily News skewers candidates that have more $$$ than sense

29 Jul


Great parody using MTV’s 1990s sex-obsessed “Beevis and Butthead” — teenage couch-stting boys that were clueless, and amused by words that sounded dirty, etc. The NY Daily News showed perfect cartooning here of how both the Weiner and Spitzer campaigns have taken over the media’s every day attention — and encapsulate the real worth of both candidates. It’s good to see that political cartooning is back!

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