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BRC welcomes Brooklyn’s esteemed District Attorney.

23 Oct


A number of attendees called October “one of our best meetings” – as the Brownstone Club welcomed a giant of law enforcement in Brooklyn’s District Attorney Charles “Joe” Hynes. His accomplishments were frequently applauded, recognizing many innovative aspects of his public service — including the Red Hook Juvenile Justice Center, his dedication to the rights/protection of Seniors, and even his tenure beforehand as Commissioner of FDNY.

He stayed for a Q&A and expressed how he learned that former Democratic Party boss (disgraced and jailed by D.A. Hynes) had surfaced at the campaign celebration of his Democratic rival. We implored Mr. Hynes to debate Mr. Thompson on NY-1 and allow more NYC voters and media/writers to react to both his rationale/positions for taking the Republican line. He replied he wouldn’t. He distrusts the Democratic Primary victor’s relationship with NY-1 and refused to debate unless his rival would meet him first among their peers at the Brooklyn Bar Association, on principal. We wish him well. His service should be lauded — and as a Democrat it is surprising that his record isn’t common knowledge, already.

In a year that’s produced an outstanding array of speakers, lively interaction each meeting, and involvement in local issues – BRC certainly covered some ground on this evening. We advanced the meeting’s date so that members could involve themselves and engage communities on behalf of our candidates. Our 40 attendees would hear from the head of Brooklyn operations for Joe Lhota for Mayor in Mr. Ross Brady, and openly discuss the campaign. photo-29

We also had a presentation from “Indie Republicans” – two independent thinkers from Queens, NY with a grassroots organization that’s energizing Democrats & independents (online and in their communities) who would not be swayed from any sort of ‘Conservative’ approaches or thinking. It was very interesting and demonstrated citywide potential for creative energy & alternative views to emerge from our Republican Party.

There was a nuance of just how wide “the Republican tent” can be – and how the younger generations and social media can be more aggressively utilized for creating awareness, opinion based on more facts (vs. emotional, biased coverage and media attacks).


In the 2nd hour the Club dissected the present state of our Brooklyn GOP – and examined how a perceived spitefulness surrounding the Catsimatidis’ loss by his supporters may be detracting from what should be unanimous support of Brooklyn’s Joe Lhota. BRC opened the floor to openly about a Primary that grew bitter (thanks to relentless attack ads) many hoped would be well in the past by October – but clearly is not, even as Election Day draws closer. Many felt a year that should have made our GOP stronger was wasted, and harmed by divisions and motives that simply did not put “the Party first”.

Our members engaged each other and some criticisms were aired at length — i.e., the lack of any GOP candidate for Brooklyn Borough President, belief that present or future $$-considerations surrounding the Catsimatidis Primary were destructive/irreparable, as were occurrences at the recent contentious “Brooklyn Republican Convention” of Sept. 30th.

As they say, you had to be there — because ultimately, the involving manner of the discussion and ultimately the ‘inside baseball’ of its results were therapeutic. While there’s certainly a “to be continued” feeling to the what’s being decided in Court Hearings, regarding the County Chairmanship – resolution is said to be coming in January. Certain members had their opinions heard and responded to, on all sides of these issues. As a group, we ended the discussion far less fractured – and that’s a tribute to all that spoke.


photo-28Our final guest speaker of the evening was NYC Council candidate Andy Sullivan who gave an impassioned speech about public service — and the tolls and sacrifices that activists and public figures can bear, behind the scenes. Mr. Sullivan was outstanding in his relaying the impact of his involvement against the “Ground Zero mosque” and national media interviews, and then the slings/arrows he faced behind closed doors, when Powers That Be didn’t agree with that stance. Whether or not you agree with the positions of any man that’s devoting himself to the public-good, and trying to make a difference in their community — the spirit for being involved is incredible. Mr. Sullivan is a sure example, and embodies a man for others — which is an essential characteristic we all would want to see MORE OF in elected leaders.

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