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George McDonald Brings a Focus That is Well-Received.

19 Mar

George McDonald proved himself a passionate speaker during Monday evening’s meeting of the Brownstone Club, particularly on subjects of crime, small business support, welfare and NYC’s “right to shelter” rule.

“Work defines you,” said Mr. McDonald in his remarks that covered his extensive experience in leading and founding The Doe Fund, a multi-state non-profit organization that seeks to restore and bridge homeless men to mainstream work.  “Because they mostly seem OK with this (societal condition), I made my departure with the Democratic party long ago. I didn’t like it, either, when Pres. Obama said that many can aspire to join “the middle class” during his State of the Union – when the American Dream is founded on aiming higher!”

George McDonald at Brooklyn's Brownstone Republican Club.

George McDonald at Brooklyn’s Brownstone Republican Club.

“Early on with The Doe Fund, I spoke with 100s of men about what they wanted – and they all said “a job”. It is the way to confidently adjust from incarceration or drug abuse,” said Mr. McDonald. “That why we call our program Ready, Willing and Able… because its what they are. They want to contribute, to work and be self-sufficient.”

He went on to relay his accomplishments with many ‘graduates’ of his programs, across our geography – and connected reasons why they fall into this condition with the failings and lack of proper focus of NYC programs. Education and crime are both costs to New York City for what it overlooks, and how young people fall through the cracks. But, he’s seen them. He’s helped many. He knows ways to re-construct mechanisms to lessen the burdens on this citywide segment of NYC’s population.

“We also cannot have 20% of our homeless coming to NYC, being from outside of the City – for the burdens it puts on the system. The “Right to Shelter” rule, where the public cannot know or ask for ID…but must shelter or face lawsuits, etc. has to be ended. The costs are staggering. Ultimately, no one is made to work or needs to try and get out of this.”

McDonald also said that NYC seems to do all it can, to harm small businesses…who can employ so many more as an economic engine.

“Tonight’s speaker was the most ‘real’ to me…in that he seems to really care about raising the condition for so many struggling people across New York,” said one Brownstone member of the candidates she’s met so far in 2013. “So far, I would walk his petitions if he needs it, come the time.”

George McDonald was very friendly, and was well received before and after his extensive question & answer period. He was knowledgeable and fielded questions ranging from gun-laws to local housing concerns to the safety of NYC shelters, and also vowed to discover more and “communicate” with State officials as per Brownstone’s concern over our local hospital (LICH) being threatened by the very SUNY leadership that was supposed to be stewarding its health and rebound from Continuum’s mismanagement (which seemed to put Real Estate value/grabs over the focus and care of the institution).


Clearly, there’s solid interest at BRC meetings in seeing Republican mayoral candidates up-close.

On an evening that weather-wise felt more like early February with piling snow, hail and biting cold…the number of BRC attendees may have easily been low. Instead, about 30 were on hand, a number even more surprising when word spread of a tandem event in Manhattan drawing potential attendees to an off-Broadway play on the upper eastside. (It was Tony Lo Bianco reprising Mayor Fiorello La Guardia in “The Little Flower” as sponsored by Gristedes supermarkets and hosted by its owner and declared GOP candidate John Catsimatidis).

While the general public is just beginning to hear the names, and reflect on media coverage of GOP mayoral candidates – the pregame is well underway.

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