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We’re back! But there’s work to be done to ‘re-populate’ this website! Opinion-pieces are open for all membership, if they want to contribute and write for this website. As our BRC members know, our website was filled with topics, photos, analysis/summary across 2010-2013 — but then BRC had one major interaction/disturbance with Google (and needed to clear some major ‘cookies’, issues with links to other sites, etc.).

One topic we miss updating: We wiped most of our postings in 2012, including our monthly overview of the Afghanistan war (which showed terrible results, after The Escalation That Must Not Be Named of 300% in July, 2009). And just how terribly our media/government complex regarded our troops/their families. In fact, over 75% of the total number of USA troop casualties were after Pres. Obama took office, and he expanded the war under near-complete media blanketed silence (and nearly no questions, nor explanations of progress/summary other than promising to “draw down”). Then again, 2012 candidate Mitt Romney did nothing to debate the issue of Afghanistan. Even Michael Moore was a quiet as a church-mouse across these years.


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